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I have a degree in Biological Sciences and Marine Biology from the Faculdades Integradas
Maria Thereza, with a Master degree in Oceans and Land Dynamics from Universidade
Federal Fluminense. I am currently Analyst in Fisheries Resources in Fundação Instituto de
Pesca in Rio de Janeiro State. My main interests are ecology and biology of reef fishes and
conservation of marine biodiversity, focusing on reef environments.

Recently I investigated how the Cabo Frio islands reef fish assemblage are structured,
considering the influence of environmental variables and the benthic assemblage.
Whereas abiotic factors such as wave action, depth and complexity of the substratum cover
provide different conditions for colonization of fish and benthic organisms associated with
marginal reefs and rocky shore, in my dissertation, I analyzed how these abiotic variables
and benthic groups influenced the diversity and distribution of fish species in coastal
islands comprising the Pau Brazil Environmental Protection Area, Cabo Frio - RJ.

I also have relevant research experience of freshwater and estuarine ichthyofauna
(community structure, taxonomy and rescue) and marine, estuarine and freshwater
plankton and benthos (assemblages).

email: bio.borde@gmail.com | lattes curriculum