Logotipo Lecar

I’m a biologist, actually a master student in Ecology in Tropical Aquatic Systems Program -
State University of Santa Cruz / Ilheus, Bahia. I am interested in studies with ecology of
marine landscapes, using techniques of GIS and Remote Sensing. Also am interested in
issues concerning the management of protected areas, environmental education and
empowerment of coastal communities.

In my master science research, I investigate patterns of formation and maintenance of
grazing halos, evaluating the potential use of halos as bioindicators of reef fish populations
structure. Herbivory halos are devegetated areas next from patches reefs inserted into a
matrix of seaweed or seagrass. The formation of these halos have been attributed to
behavioral responses of macro-herbivores, which limit their foraging areas due to the risk of
predation in vegetated next areas. In this context, halos often visible from satellite imagery,
would be indirect evidence of predator-prey interactions, can affect behavior of herbivores,
shaping the adjacent macrophytes community.

email: leticia.uesc@gmail.com | lattes curriculum