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I am a Biologist from National University of Colombia. For my undergraduate thesis, I
worked on Marine Sponges Taxonomy, improving the online guide to identify sponges in the
Caribbean Sea, supplementing the project “Advances in the online guide to identify
Sponges of the Caribbean (www.spongeguide.org)”, under the Professor Dr. Sven Zea

Currently, I am a M.(Sc) student of Marine Biology and Coastal Ecosystems at Federal
Fluminense University. My research investigates the reef fish feeding pressure on benthos
dynamics, in reef environments of St Peter And St Paul’s Archipelago, Brazil, directed by the
professor Dr. Carlos Ferreira. This work is thought as a new tool of monitoring the marine
ecosystems of Brazilian oceanic islands, being part of the “long term ecologic projects
program (PELD – ILOC)”.

New records of Sponges of the genera Petrosia And Xestospongia (Demospongiae:
Haplosclerida: Petrosiidae) from the Colombian Caribbean

E-mail: mayravelloso@id.uff.br | lattes curriculum