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I am a marine biologist from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). During my
undergraduate work I investigated the structure of fish assemblages in shallow systems (e.
g. rocky reefs and surf zones), in order to evaluate their function as nursery grounds for
marine fishes.

Now I’m an MSc candidate in Marine Biotechnology at Admiral Paulo Moreira Marine
Research Institute (IEAPM/UFF). On my MSc, I’ll investigate the impact of anthropogenic
noise, generated by recreational motorboats, on foraging and agonistic interactions of the
Dusky damselfish, Stegastes fuscus. The data raised will give support to ICMBio in the
local management of nautical traffic in the RESEX Mar of Arraial do Cabo and hopefully
assist the creation of marine normatives for such neglected impacts. Also, I’m part of the
monitoring program of the aquatic biota of Porto do Forno in Arraial do Cabo, which aims to
monitor spatio-temporally the composition and distribution of the nektonic community in the
area of influence of Porto do Forno. My main interests are in marine ecology, bioacoustics,
fish biology, and marine conservation.

E-mail: alexiaalc@id.uff.br | lattes curriculum