Logotipo Lecar


I’m BSc degree Biology in University of Espírito Santo - UFES, in 2016. During my
graduation I researched the structure of communities of seaweeds on the coast of Espirito
Santo evaluating the way are altered by anthropic impact. My main focus of the research is
to understand how environmental changes influence the structure and composing of
seaweeds, searching for initiatives of conservation of the marine environment.

In 2018, I started the Master’s degree in Ecology at University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ.
My research is a new descriptive study of epilithic algae matrix (EAM) on rocky shores of
Arraial do Cabo - RJ, aiming at understand the functional role of such organisms at the
subtropical reef.


E-mail: qlyrio@gmail.com | lattes curriculum