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I am a biologist with degree from Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia (UESB),
Msc Degree from program of Biological Science (Animal Biology) from the Universidade
Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES). As PhD student from Biological Science (Animal Biology)
at UFES in partnership with the Reef Systems Ecology and Conservation Lab (LECAR), my
interests are understand the herbivory patterns of nominal herbivores fishes in different
special scales.

In my PhD project, I am investigating the relationships between diet and nutritional ecology
of herbivores fish families, mainly with stable isotopes and diet technics. The aim of this
study is provide an amplified knowledge on trends of functional and trophic webs on local,
seasonal and latitudinal scales at southwestern Atlantic Ocean. Due the fact of herbivores
fishes own crucial holes at maintenance of reef systems health, we believe that it may also
subsidize conservational actions in marine areas.

Before starting my PhD, I developed researches on ecological, morphological, and
abundance distribution patterns of Labridae fish family at inshore and oceanic islands
habitats. I also participate on expeditions to Trindade Island and Rocas Atoll.

Cardozo-Ferreira GC, Joyeux J-C. 2016. Length–weight relationships for 19 labrid species
from the southern Atlantic Ocean. Journal of  Applied Ichthyology. 1-4. DOI


email: gabrielccf@gmail.com | lattes curriculum