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I have a degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries at University of Algarve, Portugal, with a
Master degree in Marine Resources and Coastal Management from University of Cabo
Verde and Algarve. I am currently a Ph.D. student at the DO*MAR program from the Campus
do Mar International Campus of Excellence, University of Vigo, Spain with strait
collaboration to LECAR. I am at present moment full Professor at University of Cabo Verde,
department of marine science. I focused my actual research on biodiversity knowledge of
the reef fish fauna of Cabo Verde Islands and I have contributed in studies on the
environment assessment and marine resources of coastal areas around the archipelago,
and I followed my PhD with interdisciplinary topics of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of
reef fish from Cabo Verde.

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relationships of white seabream, Diplodus sargus lineatus (Sparidae), endemic species of
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Freitas R. 2014. The coastal ichthyofauna of the Cape Verde Islands: a summary and
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email: rui.freitas@docente.unicv.edu.cv | my citations