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Graduated in Biological Sciences from the Faculdade da Região dos Lagos (2004) and
Masters in Biological Sciences (Biophysics) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro -
UFRJ (2008) and Ph.D. candidate in Marine Ecology at the Federal Fluminense University -
UFF. He is a temporarly researcher on the Institute of Marine Studies Almirante Paulo
Moreira. He has experience in Biophysics with emphasis in Molecular Biophysics, acting on
the following themes: marine ecology, bioinvasion and genetics.

Interested in understanding the diversity patterns and divergence of marine organisms
diversification and their dispersal as bioinvaders. My current study involves the
understanding of marine and bioinvasion phylogenética the family Mytilidae using
knowledge of genetics and populations conservation.

My thesis
Thesis entitled: “Aliens among us: Studying the genetics of a global family, their native and
invaded areas”. I have as a supervisor Prof. PhD Carlos Eduardo Leite Ferreira;
co-supervisor Prof. PhD Eric A. Hoffman (USA) and some special collaborators PhD. Flavio
da Costa Fernandes and PhD. Gerardo Zardi (Portugal). My present thesis is a study of the
divergence of the Mytilidae family, including the characterization of bioinvasion of mussel
Perna perna and Mytella charruana as highlight, through investigating gene flow between
different populations of these species along the Brazilian coast and the Atlantic.

email: saviocalazans@gmail.com | lattes curriculum